Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not Quite

I may have spoken too soon.  Just when I thought things were evening out at the office and I would have a little more time on my hands again the rug was pulled out from under our company and in a matter of two days we went from on top of the world to layoffs.  It sucks.  I hate to see people go when you know their financial and personal situations and nobody can really afford to be without work in this economy.  

Here in West Texas we have been lucky in that the recession only recently really started hitting us on all levels.  As gas went down (yea you all, boo for us) the oil & gas companies started layoffs but the rest of the market remained steady.  Gas is now going back up (yea for us, boo for you all) and we are starting to ease out of the panic that hit.  We are by no means safe or functioning regularly.  I am in the construction industry and we were working in public construction (i.e. county, state, city).  Just yesterday our bonding was pulled which means we can no longer accept those jobs.  We were just awarded a small job ($525k) that we will now have to pull out of and pay them $30k for their troubles, and all other jobs we were going for (which were flush due to the stimulus bill) are now kaput.  That immediately changed the trajectory of our company.
So, since I am accounting I am pouring over the numbers, budget, etc. looking for ways to cut costs and get us back on top.  Good times as you can all imagine.
I am so sorry that I'm not able to really blog like I would like, but thank you guys for checking back in.  I imagine I will get down to the real business of updating you on my life sometime this week.  Not even mildly intriguing is it? 


  1., it is. Just not half as exciting as the other stuff you talk about.

  2. We just had lay offs at my company too. I know it is happening everywhere, I guess I just thought it wouldn't happen to us. It's terrible isn't it :( Will be thinking of you, and hoping that things do start looking up again soon!

  3. Good luck, dear! Our CEO just quit, and my boss is on maternity leave. It's a zoo here to say the least! I feel your pain.