Wednesday, September 30, 2009 name is Erin

I'm back baby! I could very well be returning triumphantly to an empty room, since I have neglected my blog terribly. Nonetheless, I survived a long, ill summer. My husband just purchased me a gorgeous little ASUS 1000HE netbook so I can start my writing up again. It's been too long.

So, let me tell you a little about my summer. It was hell. I spent the entire summer sick with a myriad of different issues, in and out of doctors' offices getting no answers, being scheduled for more tests with no results. We had two vacations planned. One was with the family and we headed to Nashville to see my brother and his family. It had been planned for some time so I was loathe to cancel. By the time we left it had pretty much been determined (by WebMD and that I was suffering from lupus. After doing some research I learned that I needed to get as much rest as possible. I was running a constant fever of 99.0-100.2. When my normal temp is 97.4 that leaves me feeling flu-like and miserable. Nonetheless, we hit the road for Nashville. My parents were flying in on the weekend for my niece's first birthday party and it was the first time in years that our whole family (all four of the originals) were together. I couldn't cancel. It was a big deal. So I went. And I napped through it entirely. Every time someone wanted to do something, I had to lay down. I was a party pooper and it made me feel miserable. By the time we drove the sixteen hours home I was more worn out and sick and had a terrible time trying to work.

Next, my mother and I had planned on going to Ohio together for her 40th high school reunion. It was big and if I didn't go, she wasn't going to. She hadn't been back but once since she was 17 and she didn't want to do it alone. So, even though I was still weak and feverish, I boarded the plane and headed out. The trip was wonderful. I love Ohio. It's truly a snapshot of American perfection. I napped a lot because I was with my Mommy and she takes good care of me without the guilt. Still, I managed to contract the flu and by the time I was supposed to head back to work I was out for another week.

No one at work was happy with me. I went in with what was probably the swine flu just to process payroll, but that was all I could do. When I went back in the following Monday I was summoned to my boss' office where he reprimanded me for travelling when I was ill and cut my hours in half. It was a huge blow to the family budget, as I am the primary earner. Patrick and I started fighting again. The stress was so high. We were missing car payments. We couldn't buy groceries. Things were tight and scary and Patrick acted as though he blamed me because of my "mystery illness".

And that, my friends, is how I spent my summer. It felt like I was fighting for my life, definitely my livelihood, against an invisible foe. Straight through September I struggled. (You like how I am talking about September as past...cause in 2-1/2 hours that crap is behind me). I am beginning to see some promise. I found a way to treat what is ailing me (unfortunately it is with tons of rest and a lot of fever reducer). I'm changing my diet and trying to reduce my stress levels. I have increased my work hours back to a liveable (paywise) 32 hours a week. I'm going to make it and I am back to writing.

So, to the great void out there (and if I'm lucky, maybe even Mae), I'm back!


  1. of COURSE I'll read you!!!!!!!!!!! Of course I just about knew everything I read, but are a important part of my complete breakfast! ;)

    Looking forward to reading you.

  2. Welcome back!!! Wow, you sure did have one heck of a summer. So glad to hear you have found a way to treat this terrible illness, but still sorry to hear what you have been battling with!

  3. Thanks guys. I'm really happy to be back on the blog circuit...reading, commenting, writing. It's amazing how your mind can wilt when your entire social circle consists of a mute husband (for all intents and purposes) and it six year-old.

    I've got a lot of catching up to do.