Monday, July 13, 2009

Tales From The Crypt

I am trying to commit to getting back to normal starting today. First things first, take all my medicine. I started cutting back on my Zoloft and Wellbutrin because now I know that it is causing my stomach issues. Granted, I do need to go see my doctor and get an actual plan for doing so but that's such a pain. I figure if I've been on the stuff for 12 years I should know better than anyone how to taper down. But yesterday I was a pissy mess and slept all day so I realized that I better just take all of my medication as directed until directed otherwise. In the footsteps of my grandmother, I now have a Monday-Sunday pill box to carry in my purse. I am a sexy 31 year-old lady.

I've also gained three pounds since this mess began. I haven't run in ages and I intend to get back to it starting tonight. I downloaded some songs to my iPhone and I am shamed to admit that one of my favorites is Disney's own Demi Lovato's new single "Here We Go Again". I am a total adult Disney whore. I even recorded Another Cinderella Story this weekend and am really excited about watching it. I'm digressing in age mentally and progressing physically at a rapid rate. Funny how life does that to you.

Now that I'm all caught up at work and things are starting to get back to normal I am hoping to pick up the blogging again. I need something to keep me focused. Ah, speaking of hobbies, I picked up a "Learn To Knit" kit at Wal-Mart last night. For some strange reason Cade has stated a desire to learn to knit. Patrick told him that it was for girls and I responded strongly that my little boy can try anything he likes and make his own mind up as to whether or not it is suitable for him. In a show of solidarity with my possibly gay son I went straight to the store to get the materials. I got burnt orange and white yarn so whatever we knit will be masculine and sporty to ease Patrick into it. Who wouldn't love a Longhorn sweater? But of course, more than likely Cade will realize that one has to sit still to knit and give it up in about four minutes. I, on the other hand, would like to try to knit something. You know, a baby cap or puppy scarf. We're about to take a 14 hour road-trip to Nashville next week and I have to pass the time somehow. Since my body is acting like that of a 96 year-old I figure I ought to try to join it.

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