Monday, April 27, 2009

Dr. Feelbad

It's been a crappy weekend filled with illness at my house.  We went to a skate party (roller skates!!) on Friday and the birthday boy had stayed home that day with pinkeye.  Now, I have an immune deficiency, so this wasn't wise to begin with.  In fact, me going around sniveling kids is never a good idea.  I catch a cold when a fly sneezes. 

On Saturday I woke up with a grossly sore throat.  I still cleaned house and did all the crap I was supposed to like a good mom.  Sunday I woke up barely able to swallow.  And my son, his eyes were a puffy mess.  They were matted shut, we were all scratching.  Mess.  By Sunday night Cade was crying because his throat hurt him so badly.

So, I took my child to the doctor today.  We couldn't get in to my normal GP or his pediatrician, so we went to the local PromptCare clinic.  Bad idea, I know.  We waited for almost two hours to see the doctor who then breezed in, looked at Cade's throat, his ears, listened to his heart, wrote a script and walked out.  With insurance, it cost us $65.00.  He never looked at his eyes, never gave me a diagnosis.  Nothing.  He wrote a prescription for antibiotics and eye drops and was done.  

WTH is wrong with our health care system?  Do doctors even care anymore?  Do they try to find what ails us or just throw the first pill that has come to mind since the pretty pharmaceutical rep left? I have long believed that they are pretty much guessing.  I have had so many tests and so many diagnosis in regards to my lupus (if THAT'S what it really is).  I am so frustrated that we have to pay so much, money that is budgeted and set aside for other things, to have these people throw some crap at you as they cram in as many patients as possible to pad their bottom line. Mind you, I have seen this doctor before and he was attentive and kind.  Today though, as we were paying out, another woman stormed out saying that the doctor wasn't worth a shit and she wouldn't pay.  I tried to lighten the mood with the nurses by joking, but I agree with the woman 100%.  I had to pay this guy to SERIOUSLY do nothing more than write a script and kick us out.

Anyhow, we are heading back to work and school tomorrow.  I'm hoping that we will not be spreading illness to everyone we come in contact with (yeah, Savannah, I wouldn't come too close).  The nurse asked if I was sending him to school tomorrow and I said that I guessed I would since the doctor didn't say anything about it.  I still can't swallow, but I figure that is overrated anyway.

Good times.  Now, to get ready for my 5k on Saturday...


  1. See..

    Now I just feel dirty for thinking that your "swallowing is overrated" was totally some kind of double-entendre for sexy time.

    Then again, I still have the mind of a middle-schooler.

    My bruise looks terrible from the accident, like rreeeally nasty, and it's really big, and it's not even bruised everywhere that it hurts. I think it's just a bruise and nothing serious will come from it, but I really would've liked to be able to go to the doctor.

    When I lived in Mexico, I had an aaamaaaaaaaazing doctor. He was one of those omeno..omeono...omenono...well in Spanish it's "Omeopata" and it basically means he's a natural doctor.

    He was amazing.

    And because he was Colombian and so was our family, he would charge 15 dollars.

    Normal rate?


    I know. I know.

  2. A good friend of mine from college has lupus, and I know how hard that can be! She referred to it as "The Loop" and found ways to laugh through the pain, which I find really remarkable.

    But a 5K, damn that is impressive! Kudos to you.