Saturday, March 14, 2009

It begins...

I have been told for some time to start a blog or write a book, but was always concerned with the aspect of letting people I know see inside my head.  I am perfectly happy sharing with complete strangers, as is any good lunatic.  It's letting the people I see on a regular basis know just how random and unstable a person I am that I worry about.  I would love to write in relative obscurity.  I have always toyed with the idea of writing fiction, but everything is too autobiographical.  Once it was published (a pipe dream, I know) those in my life would crucify me for outing the intricacies of our relationships.  And since it is of utmost importance to me to never hurt or discomfort anyone, I refrain.

My life really is a pretty open book with everyone except the man I married.  While I am quite happy to share and discuss with anyone willing, it frightens me to think that the insecurities and doubts that I currently have in regards to my marriage would be open for him to see.  I realize that since I am having doubts, he is probably the first person I should air them to, but reason doesn't always work in life.  Besides, I find it somewhat therapeutic to ask advice from those that don't know us, and I appreciate hearing from everyone.  However, there are few men that I have known in my life that think it's a great idea for me to share the inner workings of our relationships with relative strangers.

Keeping that in mind, I am biting the bullet and jumping in.  Damn the consequences?


  1. DAMN the consequences!! =D

    You could always just try keeping your blog anonymous!

    I love the way you write already!! :)

    Directing people to your blog is easy. There are three ways that I know of, but I only know how to actually do two.

    1) Don't do anything. People click on your name, it gives them your profile, then they see your blog.
    2)Just type in your address in the comment bar ""
    3)Post a link with the address which I don't know how to do.

    The blog is beautiful! I love it so far. :)

    I strongly suggest that if you really want to be able to vent, don't use actual names. Say your husband's name is Keith. And someone types in "erin and keith" on google, it might lead them to your blog. Also, if you really want to be able to just empty out your soul...DON'T have a picture or say where you live and stuff like that. There's people that know I have a blog but don't know the address because I tell them straight up, "I want to be able to vent about you if you ever piss me off." They laugh, but they know i'm only half joking and don't insist on it.

    You're a great writer so this should take off in no time! Once you're ready, I can tell you how to know how many people have been showing up on your blog! :)

  2. I put a link up on my twitter...I don't have that many followers but you should get *some* people to follow you.

    Also you're really pretty. :)

  3. Thank you so much for all of your help! Now, to get time to sit and write.

    BTW, I started with your first post and am reading through. So, if you get random comments from last year's post...I'm just catching up.

  4. This is woohoo from SIAM. I am so happy to see you started writing. =)

  5. Thank you! It's been fun so far. It's quite therapeutic just to get stuff down.

    How are you doing, BTW? Are you feeling any better?

  6. erin, i got here in a roudabout way from evilbeet. i just read everything from the beginning, and i am hooked. part of your voice feels like part of the voice in my own head. don't stop writing!

  7. Hey Erin ~ I finally started as you can see here! I actually started with your most recent post (including the link in that post to another post), and now I shall slowly work my way back up......