Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Running For My Life

I have made a decision.  I am going to start training for a half marathon.  It seems like everyone around me is doing it...and yes, I would jump off the bridge, Mom.  Months ago, while I was reading Sasha Is A Monster I was inspired by her journey.  She completed the half marathon and in the process made some impressive changes in her life and outlook.  Then my sister-in-law and two good friends from church started in.  Candy is running the full Boston Marathon in a month and Tiffany is on her first full marathon after an impressive finish in the half last fall.

And now, I am jumping in.  The timeline couldn't be more perfect.  It is on October 3rd, two days before our wedding anniversary and three days in front of my 32nd birthday.  And, in case you weren't paying attention, that is the end of the six-month trial that our counselor imposed.  So over the course of the next six months I will be building a stronger, more empowered me.  That will work in one of two ways the way I figure it.

1.  I will be more comfortable in myself and stand in less judgement of my husband because I am getting things done myself.  Maybe his pride in me will create an interest, since he has been living with a sloth who naps rather than face him and reality.

2.  Since I know that my actions cannot change anyone else this is the more likely.  I will feel empowered enough to do what I feel is right for myself and for Cade, and ultimately for Patrick. Everything that we are working for will come to a head at the same time and completing this half marathon will be like a new start for a new me.  

So today I am going to buy my spiffy new running shoes, strap on my iPhone with the crazy cool running tools (complete with automatic Twitter updates, you can follow me here), and continue in my quest for a less pathetic me.  I've already dropped 17 lbs since I changed the way I ate in January...so now I'm just working to feel great.

I've got Cade training me at home, he is quite good really.  He pushes me until it hurts.  He also watches what I eat.  He saved me from a close donut incident over the weekend by throwing the donut to the birds and reminding me that donuts have "a hundred million calories".  Now, I want to make him proud and show him what drive looks like because that has been completely lacking in both of his parents and that's not fair to him.

Wish me luck!


  1. Erin, that's awesome! I wish I could get off of my lazy ass and do something, I truly do. I'm working toward it, which is a start enough for me, but good luck! Keep us posted on how it's going and what you're doing to keep yourself motivated!

  2. Wow, I'm impressed : ) Hope all goes well!

  3. w0000t holy shit yo. i'm following you on twitter.

  4. But its such a delicious 100 million calories! Also if you started running with your Cade it could be a muy cool bond and something to do with him.

  5. It is almost worth the calories! I figure since I have to run four days a week, Saturdays will be with Cade. I'll put him on his bike and run along beside him on the trail. He would love that!

    Liberty, wasn't it pathetic yesterday? I pushed all out because I thought that's what you did and then only managed a measly 2.64 miles! But, I am not discouraged! Onward ho! : )

  6. DO NAY get discouraged woman!!!!

    I've been wanting to do the same (and could) but haven't out of laziness, so really...the fact that you're doing it now?

    Awesome yo. Whatever you do, do it well, slowly get to where you WANT to be ! ;)